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MUSI2190: Western Art Music: Online Music Resources

Why Not Google?

You might be wondering why you can't just Google the information you are looking for.  It's all online, right??  

Not so fast!  Things to remember about such a BIG search:

  • Information Overload (too much information to sort through)
  • Quality v. Quantity (anyone can make a webpage... is the source any good?)
  • Show Me The Money! (sometimes you'll have to PAY to get the information)

While our databases might be a little different from what you're used to, they can help to eliminate some of these obstacles.

Another way to make searching easier is to stick to trusted sites:

Online Music Resources


William Paterson University Resources

National Libraries & Archives

National Libraries sometimes have unique and valuable information (including primary sources!) on composers who were born or resided there.  

Additionally, there are a wide range of archives (usually at colleges and universities) that keep the papers and artifacts of famous composers.  

Keep in mind that not everything will always be available online, and that you might need to be careful of the quality of these archives before using them.  But, they might be excellent places to find interesting documents and information.

Below are a few examples:

Get More Out of Google

Get More out of Google