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MUSI4960: Music Honors Research Methods: Databases

Search Tips


  • Never put in your entire research question when you search
  • Break up your search into keywords
  • Write down several different possibilities for searching 
  • You will need to search different terms and combinations - there is no such thing as a perfect search

Music & Sociology Research Databases

The library has a large number of research databases, but it's important to know which one will work best for your needs (see a complete list of Music databases).

Not all databases contain journal articles, and some are more appropriate for this course than others. 

Because you are exploring both music and society, it will be important to look in a variety of sources to find the information you need.  

Below are a few recommended databases to begin your research:

Remember:  You can access the databases from off campus using your WPUNJ username and password!

Media Databases

While most Library databases contain articles and text, some provide audio and video content that you can explore!

What About Google Scholar?

You'll see Google Scholar on our Databases list, but be cautious of starting your research here.  

Like the full Google search, it will often give you more results than you need and some may be off topic.  

This is a great place to go if you have a solid research question or thesis statement, and if you've exhausted our other Databases already.