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POL1250: Law in Everyday Life: New Jersey Legal Resources

This guide can be used as a starting point for locating New Jersey and Federal legal resources.

New Jersey Legal System

New Jersey Court System Find out how the legal system in New Jersey works by visiting the homepage of the NJ Court system.

New Jersey Legislature Learn how a bill becomes a law in New Jersey

New Jersey Statutes Link to the laws of NJ



Legal Citations

Statutes in New Jersey are commonly cited in this manner:

N.J. S. A. 39:2-3.5

N.J. Stat. § 39:2-3.5

Cases in New Jersey are commonly cited in this manner: 

368 N.J. Super. 466 - New Jersey Superior Court Opinion 

163 N.J. 523 - New Jersey Supreme Court Decision

Useful New Jersey Legal Resources

Legal Services of New Jersey  Providing services to economically disadvantaged residents of the state of New Jersey, there is a wide selection of legal resources and information that can be useful for all NJ residents.

Landlord/Tenant Rights View resources to learn about the rights and duties of landlords and tenants, including eviction, security deposits, leases, and finding and keeping safe housing.

Tenants' Rights in New Jersey  Provides access to a comprehensive guide with information on your rights as a tenant in New Jersey.

Motor Vehicle Laws View resources to learn about Title 39 violations

NJ Office of Consumer Affairs Also known as the Office of Consumer Protection. Provides information regarding business regulations, Lemon Law, and Cyber Fraud in NJ and serves as the NJ investigative unit for consumer complaints.

New Jersey Legal Resources

NJ State Library The NJ State Library provides links to various websites where you can access various websites that provide access to NJ state laws, NJ Court Opinions as well as to other useful resources including legal forms.

State of New Jersey: Departments and Agencies: Official directory of New Jersey State government departments and agencies.

Library Databases


Legal Information Center This database offers full-text access to over 250 consumer legal reference books and practical guides 


Municipal Code Resources

NJ consists of numerous Municipalities each with their own municipal codes. The Resources below will help you find municipal codes in NJ. (Not all municipalities have their codes available through these resources)