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COMM1100: Communication in Action: Articles & Online Reference Sources

Locating Background Information

New Topic?  No Problem!

We have overview databases that can give you a brief look at important topics, ideas, or people, so that you have a better understanding when digging deeper.  Start here for new research assignments or for unfamiliar concepts.

Locating News Articles

Current Events

Many of our databases cover topics that have been around for a long time, but it can sometimes be difficult to find information on events happening right now.  Our News Databases are great places to begin, as well as some of our General Knowledge Databases.


Locating Articles

Finding Articles

You can access databases from the Library homepage by clicking on Databases. Since there are more than 130, we have made it easier and selected a few useful ones for this class. ‚Äč

Also look at our Communication Databases page for additional places to search!

What About Statistical Data?

Search Tip: Keywords

It is usually a good idea to start out broadly, so using just one or two of your topic terms is a good way to begin. Once you have a set of results, you can begin narrowing down your results by entering one or more terms. Searching in a specific field such as "Subject" or "Title" will narrow or focus your results. 

Scholarly vs. Popular

Scholarly vs. Popular See full size image

Do you know the difference between what is considered to be a Scholarly publication and what is a Popular publication? View the Library's Tutorial to find out!