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Book Tasting: Presentation at NJASL Conference, November 2016: 2014 Book Tasting

This includes resources from the Book Tasting presentation given by Marie Donnantuono and Yvonne Roux of William Paterson University

2014 Book Tasting Link

The 2014 Book Tasting focused on four topics. Here's the link to the LibGuide for the 2014 Book Tasting.

Students enjoy "tasting" some books!

Comments from Participants

The setup was really good! And it was nice to have refreshments.

The variety of books dealing with racial & gender equality.

Lots of book w/ planting seeds in the theme.

Reading by the Numbers (and its relation to the arts!)

I liked that there plenty of choices to look at and they weren't all children's books.

The different tables w/different topics that all relate to each other. Also the different reading levels.

 Getting to see the different books that you could teach and use in classrooms. I love reading and discovering new books especially to help children learn & see the world.

Hosts of Book Tasting

This Book Tasting session was organized by:

Marie Donnantuono,, College of Education

Ellen Pozzi,, Educational Leadership

Yvonne Roux,, Cheng Library

Irene VanRiper,, Special Education

Special thanks to the Cheng Library and the College of Education for their support.

Book Tasting Hosts

Recipes for Using Books to Teach

Trifolds to Guide the Tasting!