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Book Tasting: Presentation at NJASL Conference, November 2016: Home

This includes resources from the Book Tasting presentation given by Marie Donnantuono and Yvonne Roux of William Paterson University

Video of Writing Book Tasting, Sep. 2015

Students "tasting" some books

Dr. Moore with Student

Welcome to Book Tasting!

Welcome to the Book Tasting LibGuide!

This LibGuide suggests ways that you can conduct your own Book Tasting session.

Marie Donnantuono,, College of Education

Yvonne Roux,, Cheng Library

How we got started...

Realizing that many preservice teachers have limited knowledge of children's literature a collaborative effort was made between the William Paterson College of Education and the David & Lorraine Cheng Library to conduct two book tasting sessions. 

The first session (2014) was organized by topics that were chosen by the individuals participating. The topics were: Exploring the Environment, It's a Woman's World, Reading by the Numbers and The Many Faces of Nonfiction. Students moved freely around the room exploring the K-8 books selected on the various topics. 

The second session (2015) was more structured. Using Nonfiction Mentor Texts: Teaching Informational Writing through Children's Literature, K-8 by Lynne R. Dorfman & Rose Capelli as a basis, four Language Arts faculty members each selected a type of writing and chose books that could be used to teach that writing skill. Students moved from one table to another and received a short presentation of how to use the titles to teach Informational Writing, Letter and Journal Writing, Persuasive Writing and Writing Story and Verse.

Future book tastings will have an online component, probably incorporating book trailers, etc.

Recipes for Using Books to Teach

Teaching Resources Table

Presentation PowerPoint