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ELHE6004: Legal Issues in American Higher Education: Nexis Uni Database

Legal Resources in Lexis/Nexis

While a student at William Paterson, you have access to Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis/Nexis) one of the best databases for legal research. You can access Nexis Uni from Cheng Library's homepage by clicking on Databases, then clicking on the letter N. You can also click on the link above or below. Your WP username and password are needed to access the database from off-campus. 

Nexis Uni

From the main screen to search cases, select Cases.  You can then select Federal cases and perform a search. If you select State Cases,  enter the name of the state. 

Nexis Uni - Locate a Case by Citation

You can also find a case using the citation. From the Nexis Uni homepage, click on Get a Doc Assistance and follow the steps below. 

Select the Content Type (case, statute, administrative code, etc.)

Select the Jurisdiction (Federal or a specific State)

Select the Source and click on the Citation Format

For cases, enter the volume number in the first box and the page number in the second box.

Click on Get Document 

" Reporters"

 The source for case law is usually a "reporter." Reporters are sets of volumes containing judicial decisions/opinions.

Legal Citation Formats


347 U.S. 483: 74 S. Ct. 686; 98 L. Ed. 873; 1954 U.S. LEXIS 2094; 53 Ohio Op. 326; 38 A.L.R. 2d 1180

119 N.J. 287; 575 A.2d 359; 1990 N.J. LEXIS 64

Federal Case Abbreviations

Federal Case Law
U. S. Supreme Court 
•United States Reports- U.S. 
•Supreme Court Reporter - S. Ct. 
•Lawyer's Edition- L. Ed. 
U. S. Court of Appeals
•Federal Reporter 3d Series F.3
•Federal Reporter 2d Series F.2
•Federal Reporter F  
U.S. District Courts
•Federal Supplement 2d Series  F. Supp. 2d
•Federal Supplement F. Supp.
•Federal Rules Decisions F.R. D. 

New Jersey Case Abbreviations

New Jersey Case Law

New Jersey Supreme Court

  • New Jersey Reports - N.J. 
Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division 
  • New Jersey Superior Court Reports  - N.J. Super.