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COMM2630: Public Speaking : Locating Information

Honors, Expert to Novice

Search Tip: Keywords

It is usually a good idea to start out broadly, so using just one or two of your topic terms is a good way to begin. Once you have a set of results, you can begin narrowing down your results by entering one or more terms. Searching in a specific field such as "Subject" or "Title" will narrow or focus your results. 

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Search Everything: Find Books & Media, Articles, and More!

Locating Articles

Using Library Databases to Locate Information: The following databases are the most useful to locate articles from a variety of sources, including journal articles, relevant to your speech topics. Both are accessible from off campus.  

Academic Search Complete includes more than 8500 periodicals (newspapers, magazines, and journals) in all subject areas. Most articles are available full-text online.
ProQuest Central is a large multidisciplinary database indexing over 14,000 publications, the majority of them available in full text. Over 160 subjects areas are covered extensively in this product including business and economics, health and medical, news and world affairs, technology, social sciences, and more. 

Locating Newspaper Articles

Proquest Newstand ProQuest Newsstand offers full-text news from over 1,280 sources, including domestic and foreign newspapers, wire services, magazines, trade publications, and blogs. Over 50 of the highest-circulation newspapers in the United States are included in the database including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times.

Locating Statistical Information

Statista The Statista database is a portal to statistical information, pulling together data on over 80.000 topics from over 18.000 sources onto a single platform.


Background Information : Credo Reference

Credo Reference: The Credo Reference database is a portal to over 840 full-text reference titles from over 80 major publishers. Easy to search and browse, the Credo platform provides access to text, images, maps, statistics, and graphic concept maps to illustrate connections among and between topics. 

Points of View Reference Center

Points of View Reference Center is a Full-text database designed to provide multiple sides of a variety of current issues. The database currently offers materials on 200 topics, and each topic section features an overview along with point and counterpoint essays drawn from a variety of sources.