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LGBT Resources: LGBT Tagging Project

LGBT Tagging Project


Why Participate?

Finding LGBT themed books and media isn’t always as easy as it might seem. 

Because of the diverse nature of the LGBT community, these materials can be found throughout the Library and online!

Normally, this wide representation would be a good thing, but it can certainly make it tough to find everything in one place.


Join our LGBT Tagging Project, and help identify LGBT resources for future generations of WPU students!

This might include:

  • Scholarly resources on LGBT issues
  • Books/films by LGBT writers
  • Books/films with LGBT characters/ themes
  • Resources on coming out

The list goes on and on.  Because it is a social activity, you can make your voice heard in identifying materials that are relevant to you.

How to Participate.


It’s easy to get involved, and takes as much or as little time as you are able to offer.

  1. Choose the Books & Media tab on the Library page (
  2. Click My Account and sign in (Last Name & 855 number; your name won’t be visible to others).

Signing in to My Account

  1. Search for a book or film that you know has LGBT connections and click on the title.
  2. Click the Add Tag image link and use the tag LGBT for all items. 
  3. Then enter one or more tags that identifies it’s LGBT connections.  (Make sure to use quotes around mulit-word tags!)




As we get started with this project, it’s a good idea to be consistent with the terms used.  But, feel free to add your own.  Just remember that the tags should be terms that others might search for.

We also ask that every book you mark include the LGBT tag, to make it easy for folks to find things.

Suggested tags:

Lesbian LGBTcharacters
Gay LesbianFiction
Bisexual ComingOut
Transgender LGBThealth
LGBTauthors LGBThistory
LGBTwriters Homophobia


This is just a starting point. Be creative! Just make sure to use the LGBT tag on all items and any tags with more than one word (with spaces) should be enclosed in quotation marks ("LGBT Memoires").

Seeing Results!


Use the Books & Media tab, enter a search term (one of the tags) on the Library page and select Tag from the dropdown before searching. 

OR, browse all of the available tags at:

  1. Select Tags, then continue browsing alphabetically, popularity, or time tagged.

Browse tags...

Dig down until you find the tag you're looking for!

Don't see it?  Maybe you're just the person to identify these resources for us!



Do you have feedback or suggestions on how to make this project better?  Want to recommend new tags or books/media to be tagged?

Contact Tony Joachim with your ideas!