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CIED2070: Educational Practices in Inclusive Classrooms: Home

Welcome to the Curriculum Materials Center!

Visiting the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) of the David & Lorraine Cheng Library is an important part of CIED2070. You will be asked to follow a Self-Guided Tour, and then participate in an instruction session to help you understand how the CMC can help you with developing lesson plans. The CMC is available to you now as a WPU student in the teacher education program, and you may continue using it after you graduate.

CMC Staff

In addition to Yvonne Roux, the staff of the CMC include Patricia Moore and three part time staff members. You can reach Patricia or any of the part time staff at 973-720-2174.

The CMC is open whenever the Library is open. Staff is available Monday through Wednesday from 8 am to 9 pm, Thursday and Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm.

If no one is available to help you in the CMC please go to the Library's Reference Desk or call them at 973-270-2116.

Curriculum Materials Center webpage

There are many resources available through the CMC webpage, They include:

Bibliographies: Topical lists of books and other resources available in the CMC.

Collections: Descriptions of different types of resources found in the CMC, including an online list of Curriculum Guides from NJ school districts.

Lesson Planning Resources: Organized by subjects this list identifies free online resources.

Find Articles: Links to databases both for education research, as well as for K-12 students.

Self-Guided Tour: An easy way to discover the different resources available in the CMC. 

Course Resources: Listed in order by course name these are LibGuides (research guides) created for these courses.

Curriculum Materials Center

Search Cheng Library Catalog

Search the Cheng Library online catalog to find Teaching Aids and Juvenile materials. 



 After your initial search you can limit your results by selecting Curriculum Materials Center on the right side of the results screen.

Office of Field Experiences

The Office of Field Experiences arranges with schools to enable you to fulfill your observation requirement, as well as your Practicum and Student Teaching experiences.

The website for the Office of Field Experience  also links you to Lesson Plan templates and other useful information.

Education Librarian

Yvonne Roux's picture
Yvonne Roux
Cheng Library, Room 114c

William Paterson University

300 Pompton Rd.

Wayne, NJ 07470