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WP Honors Cluster: Citing and Organizing Sources

This guide provides an overview of resources for students enrolled in the Public Speaking, College Writing and Ethical Well Being Honors Cluster Course

Why do I need to cite?

You must cite your source of information any time you use another person’s ideas, opinion or theory. You must also provide citations for any facts, statistics, graphs, or drawings that are not common knowledge. Quotations of another person's actual spoken or written word and paraphrases of another person's spoken or written words must also be cited.

For additional information about citing sources and avoiding plagiarism, please visit Purdue University's Online Writing Lab


Citing Sources

Most Communication research courses will require you to use the APA Style for citing your sources. Here are some useful links: 


MLA (Modern Language Association) Style

Evaluating Articles and Resources

MLA - Citing Sources from the World Wide Web

Modern Language Association (MLA) Style Guide 


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