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PCOM 7150 Social Media Communication: HOME

This guide provides an overview of resources relevant to your research needs.

Welcome to David and Lorraine Cheng Library

This guide should serve as a starting point for your research needs for your  Social Media Communications course. Use the tabs at the top of the guide to locate different types of resources. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact me.

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What is social media?

Social media is a new instrument of communication. With "old" media (radio, television, etc), things are communicated to you. With "new" media  (Facebook, Twitter, etc), you can participate in the conversation and the creation of media yourself.

Social Media

ChengFind: Find Books & Media, Articles, and More!

When looking for books or media, you'll want to start with the ChengFind, our all-in-one-search tool.  ChengFind combines our Online Catalog with most of our Databases, allowing you to find articles, books, and other resources, all in one search!

Enter simple terms or concepts, rather than long phrases and questions.  For example, use terms like “gender” or “free trade” rather than “gender discrimination at work/glass ceiling”.  In this case, less is better…  Too many terms make it harder to find resources!

Comibine more than one term or concept to narrow your results, and use the different limits on the results page to narrow even more.

And, if you're off campus, be sure to Log In to make sure you can easily access the materials you find!

Why use social media?

There are many benefits to utilizing social media to the best of your ability!


Everybody's using it. Your target audience is connected, your competition is connected. This is the perfect platform to find an audience for yourself or your business.


Social media gives everyone a sense of global connectedness. It is seriously simple to interact and engage directly with your audience, which can be a huge number of diverse people.


Boosts your exposure. It's the new word-of-mouth marketing - what's said online is very powerful. Social media exposure can also generate online traffic for your website.


Start receiving real feedback from your audience (clients/customers/what have you).


By Creating and sharing valuable content, you will get noticed! Because of this you will be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas to more people.


If you are doing a great job on social media, you will establish credibility. People will take notice that you are honest, transparent, and professional.


Lastly, social media lets you have complete control over your brand.

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